Current Projects


An estimated one in four teen women will become pregnant by the time she is 20 years of age. And though rates of teenage pregnancy in the U.S. have largely been on the decline for the last 25 years, they are still significantly higher than those of other industrialized nations. High teen birth rates are not limited to one region or state, but exist throughout the United States.  As such, evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention (TPP) programs that can be dispatched on a wide scale are urgently needed. To address this need, we’ve endeavored to develop and rigorously evaluate Girl2Girl, a TPP program designed for teen women ages 14-18 years, nationwide.  This program will be delivered in the format that is closest and most familiar to teen women: texting. Text-messaging is cost-effective and will allow for speaking directly to diverse female youth across the country. Girl2Girl RCT Phone Sc …

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Growing Up With Media

The Growing up with Media survey includes 1586 households of children between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. The aim of the survey is to examine how media may be affecting the behavior of young people.

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